Stylist - Level 6

Blake joined the 554 ranks in January of 2020. With his 9 years of experience, he has been curating beautiful hairstyles for his clients consistently since. Blakes favorite hairstyle are vast, he loves a chic bob as well as seamless layers in long hair. He’s gifted folks. He’s motivated at continuing the mastering of his already strong craft. In his spare time, you’ll find Blake with his nose in a book or sipping on lattes at one of Salem’s coffee houses. When Blake is at home you will find him snuggling his 2 cats, sipping some yummy red wine. He known for his mad XBOX skills when he just needs to escape. He spends most of his free time with his son shopping and reading.

Hair Specialties: curls, colors, dynamic cuts, barber cuts

DevaCurl Trained - Accepting clients.

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