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Level 2 Stylist

My name is Ellie Starr.  I would describe myself as an honest, confident, passionate and direct person. I became a hairstylist to help people feel beautiful and to build relationships. I learned my skills from my brother, who is a hairstylist, and from many of Salem's best stylists right here at Salon 554.  I love meeting new people and welcome with open arms anyone who is ready to start their new road to self-love!  My favorite guests to have in my chair are those who like to have fun with their hair and try new things! I love fashion colors, highlights, and Brazilian Blowouts.  On my free time, I enjoy hiking and shopping.


After transitioning from straight hair to reluctantly embracing my natural curls, I was referred by a curly friend to Ellie Starr. Ellie is a DevaCurl trained stylist. I scheduled the Deva makeover. When I arrived, she greeted we me with a smile and sat down to discuss what I wanted. She asked many probing questions and looked over my hair carefully and said that my current cut would result in what I wanted, I just needed to learn how to work with my hair. I was so impressed that she wasnt driven by the money, she was driven by making me happy. She patiently explained every step of the process and the results were fabulous! She used a lot of products on my hair but did not pressure me to buy them. I feel like she really cared about the results. My hair looks as good on the second day as it did on day one. Nobody else will be touching my curls. I highly recommend her.  -  Kathleen H.

My boyfriend has grown out his hair for almost 5 years, so we were nervous finding someone we could trust with cutting his hair short. I called and was able to make an appointment the same day with Ellie Starr and WOW she exceeded our expectations! She was kind, professional, patient, and had no problems answering all of our questions and making us feel comfortable :) The atmosphere was very tranquil and had a high end interior design. For myself, I noticed Deva products and Ellie was kind enough to explain the process to me and recommended I try it for my curls. As you can see, my hair was really weighed down by, what I understand now, build up! I was able to see her within a few days to get a Deva cut and style! She took her time to explain after care and the products so I am able to style it at home. My boyfriend and I are both very happy with our experience and plan on seeing Ellie regularly!  -  Kendra W.

This was one of the best experiences I have had at a salon. I called around the Salem area to find a place that specialized in curly hair and I was very disappointed with how few there was. After about 7 calls I found Salon 554 and I am so happy that they were able to fit me in the day I called.  I was given instructions on how to style my hair before coming in so they could see what my hair looked like clean without product. The salon was clean, trendy décor, great product selection and welcoming. The receptionist greeted me with a smile, gave me a form to fill out to better get to know me and what I am wanting as far as hair styles and then offered me a variety of drinks. I was even given a gift card envelope full of coupons for future visits!  I waited less then 5 minutes for Ellie Starr to get me and she was amazing! She sat down next to me while I showed her pictures of what I wanted. She listened to me and talked to me about my current hair regiment and what the next steps would be to get my goal hair. I never felt rushed or as if I wasn't important since I was only getting a cut and nothing else.  The entire time she cut my hair she talked to me about what she was doing, why she was doing it and verified the various lengths before she cut. Because my hair is so curly she showed me what my hair would be after she cut it (about an inch shorter) and she was just so pleasant to talk to.  I simply could not be happier and look forward to my future visits with Ellie. My next visit will be even more in depth and I am very excited to have Ellie work her magic.  - Carlie L.

I love Ellie and her detail work on my crazy curly & stubborn hair. It's always a joy to see her & I always leave feeling refreshed & like it was money well spent.  -  Irma D.

"Ellie did an amazing job. She was super helpful with how to take care of, maintain and make sure that I was comfortable with these extensions. I asked so many questions and she answered all of them. Great experience."  - Melissa B.

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