Women's Classic Cut Starting at $33+

We work with you one-on-one to understand your hair type, face shape and personal style, so we can create a haircut that complements your features and reflects you.
Associate $33*
Stylist $38
Advanced Stylist $43
Senior Stylist $48
Master Stylist 58
Educator $88

Enhancements $19+

Enhance your look with Thermal Styling
Flat Iron, Curling Iron or Texture Iron
Add 19

Redken Steam Infusion smoothes hair
without damage using a continuous flow
of steam for a sleek, shiny finish.
Add 22

Women's Treatment Cut

Sometimes your hair needs more than just a cut. Add any of our treatments to your cut. Price may vary depending on treatment. Consult with your stylist for details.

Waxing $19+

Complete your look with a brow shaping and take care of any unwanted hair, right at the shampoo bowl. Long lasting results, acheived in a just a few minutes
Brow $19
Lip $14
Chin $14
Cheek $14
Ears $14
Nose $14
Full Face $57

Girl's Cut $23+

Bring your little ones with you for a 554 mini service. Price includes a cut only. Add $5 for a wash, $10 for a wash and style. For children 12 and under.
Associate $23*
Stylist $28
Adv Stylist $33
Senior Stylist $38
Master Stylist $48
Educator $63

* PRICES MAY VARY: All our prices are based on time and the amount of product required. Prices listed are starting prices and may be adjusted depending on the individual situtation. Thicker or longer hair, for example, may require more product or more time, and service prices may be adjusted accordingly. Your stylist will provide you with a customized estimate before beginning services.

* TIERED PRICING: 554 employs a tiered-pricing structure. This allows multiple options for the various needs of our guests. Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs, and their budget. Our service provider's level is not necessarily related to their experience, talent, or competency but is a rather a reflection of the demand on his or her time. All of our stylists have completed our rigorous training program, so you can be confident that no matter whom you choose, you are in the hands of a well-trained professional.