Fully stated, our mission is “to inspire and enable our clients to look their best, feel their best and be their best by us, both individually and collectively, looking our best, feeling our best and being our best.”

“Being your best” to us means performing at your highest level and achieving your full potential. It is difficult to achieve your full potential and perform at your highest level when you don’t feel your best. It’s also difficult to feel your best when you don’t look your best. How we look and how we perceive ourselves dramatically impacts how we feel, and consequently, how we are able to perform. These pieces, look, feel, be, are successive; they build on each other. By helping our clients to look their best, we enable them feel their best, and then, to be their best.

The other piece of our mission is about inspiration. There is something inspiring in watching someone perform at their highest level. Even more so, when we are around someone performing at their highest level, striving for personal excellence, we can’t help but be inspired! It’s contagious.

This dynamic can be compounded in a group. If a whole group or a whole team of people have their collective sights set on being their best, on uncompromising personal excellence, there is a magnification of that feeling. There is a synergy that happens where each draws inspiration and energy from others pursuing the same goal. This is the “squared” in our tagline. When we add our talents and our energy together, it is not just me plus you, there is a “squaring” that happens, a multiplication, where our attitudes and desire for excellence compound. They feed off one another, they multiply, and they inspire those around us; both our teammates and our clients.

Our ultimate vision at 554 is to be a group of people all committed to being their personal best and achieving their full potential, and by doing that, enabling and inspiring our teammates, our clients and our company to do the same.