Styling Like a Deva

Styling Like a Deva

Styling tips and tricks for every wash routine

     • Start by using Wash Day Wonder

     • Leave product on and put Deva cleaner right over the top

     • Follow up with Deva conditioner and leave conditioner at ends of hair

     • Brush hair through in sections with a Wet brush or wide tooth comb - this helps with forming your curls and reducing frizz

     • Leave hair soaking wet before applying the product 

     • Tilt head forward and tap on cream and/ gel of your choice all over your hair

     • Glide product downwards to the ends of your hair

     • Push product into your hair without squeezing out water

     • Squeeze out water while turning your head to each side

     • Get excess water out by using a Deva Microfiber Towel or cotton t-shirt

     • THEN diffusing or air drying

     • Once all the way dry, break the base. This will take away the wet-gelled look 

     • Finish with the DevaCurl alcohol-free hairspray 

Products for a 1-2 week use

     • Build up Buster- when there is product build-up on your hair

     • Melt into Moisture- conditioning mask

     • Heaven in Hair- conditioning mask 

What cleanser and conditioner set is for you? 

     • Delight- Wavy hair

     • Original- Curly hair

     • Decandence- super curly hair 

How often should you be washing your hair?

      As long as you can go without washing. 1-3 times per week is ideal. 

How often should Devas get cut? 

      Every 8-12 weeks